Mobile Sales Assistance

Current Status: Active, Internal Organisational Use Active time: 2010– Present Purpose: Using both his experience and knowledge of the automotive industry locally in Australia and internationally, Daniel has created mobile applications to assist in the selling of automobiles. These applications are optimised to run on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) but can also be accessed from traditional laptop or desktop. The applications are completely customised and branded for the business, and all users are given full training and refresher...

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Current Status: Small testing group, ongoing development Active time: 2009 – Present Purpose: A more generic implementation of MelbRoads (Sharing great driving roads online), suited towards businesses and car clubs with user and access control rights. While MelbRoads is setup for Victoria, AussieRoads is setup for all the Australian states.

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Current Status: Online, ongoing development Active time: 2008 – Present Purpose: MelbRoads is a website to share great driving roads around Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. You can search for your own driving road by choosing different factors, such as speed or road type, or even what you’ll be driving (Car or Motorcycle.) If you have a good driving road, you can submit for others to try...

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